Weathered By Water is a collection of
sustainable unique items hand-made
in Devon by Barney Dearsley.

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Fossils, marine salvage, quirky coastal items, artworks, handmade furniture, home furnishings and artworks. All made and inspired from items found on shores around the UK.

My Story

Born in a small fishing village in the South West I have spent much
of my life in and on the water. From an early age I have had a
fascination with beach combing, wandering the tide lines of the
South West and further a field. Discovering all manner of washed
up objects it’s hard not to imagine the journey that each piece
might have undertaken.


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Boat Pod

The Boat-Pod is a unique space built from the bow section of the
Anthony Stevenson, a retired wooden fishing trawler that worked
out of Newlyn Harbour, Cornwall. Shaped by the original massive,
curved planks of larch and ribs of oak, this truly magical space can
be adapted to a plethora of uses.


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